When you live, love or have family ties outside the box of society’s expectations, finding a therapist can be complex. It may be enough to find a counsellor who welcomes LGBTQ+ clients in their general practice, but sometimes you want a therapist who is especially attuned to the unique strengths and challenges that come with gender, sexual and relational diversity.

When you’re exploring your identity or trying to make peace with your orientation, you may need a safe place to be with yourself and your process in the company of someone who gets it. If you know who you are and what you are about, you may want someone who understands your subculture, someone you don’t have to educate. If your child or someone you love is coming out, you might be looking for a therapist with the expertise to help you understand what this is all about and sort through all the complex feelings that often go along with such adjustments.

As a queer person, I am passionate about making sure that LGBTQ+ folks and their families have access to safe, competent, and identity- affirming psychotherapy.

I see people as dwelling in overlapping systems that exist far beyond my office and I believe that understanding your history and context is an important part of understanding your problems, patterns, strengths and resources. Whatever challenges you are facing, be they related to your identity or not, I can help you to make sense of them.

No two people or relationships are the same, so I tailor my methods to meet your specific needs and build on your unique strengths. I love the dance of therapy, and I have a broad range of experience and training that enables me to be flexible and creative in my approach. I’m confident that together we can find a way to navigate your concerns and help you to reach your goals.

Seeking counselling can be one of the most courageous acts a person ever undertakes. It’s a big leap, especially the first time, but I’ll be waiting to receive you on the other side. I offer a risk-free initial consultation to all new clients: you only pay if we decide to work together. If it’s a good fit, we will journey forth together for a while, and if not, I’ll help you find someone more suited to your needs. There’s so much to gain and very little to lose. Take the first step right now and start getting the support you deserve.

Learn More About Who I Am

I work primarily with LGBTQ+ clients, their parters and families. My areas of special interest are individuals exploring their gender and sexual identity, families with youth coming out, couples and complex trauma, intersections of minority stress and mental illness, and folks in unconventional or creative relationship configurations, regardless of orientation.

I strive to become ever more aware of my own privilege and bias in order to work as respectfully as possible within an anti-oppressive and trauma-informed therapeutic context. Good fit is vital to good therapy, so I offer a risk-free initial consultation to all new clients: you only pay if we decide to work together.

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