Danelle Barnard

Affirming gender, sexual and relational diversity, I specialize in working with LGBTQ+ folks, their partners and families, as well as with people in creative or unconventional relationships who may or may not identify as LGBTQ+.

My education is in social work, drama therapy, and couple & family therapy. I have training in psychodrama and approaches to complex trauma, as well as a decade of experience doing social integration and psychoeducation in mental health settings. I do my best to weave my varied training and experiences into a flexible and integrative approach tailored to each client’s unique needs, strengths, and preferences.

I think of people as dwelling in contexts and systems that exist far beyond my office and I believe that understanding those contexts is an important part of understanding problems, patterns, strengths and resources. Beyond this general baseline, I frequently use attachment-based approaches, creative/expressive models, and modern psychodynamic theories to inform my assessment and interventions.

I am always striving to be aware of and accountable for my biases and privileges and to work as respectfully as I can within a trauma-informed and anti-oppressive therapeutic context.



4300 Cedar Hill Road
Victoria, BC V8N3C5

(778) 678-2293

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