The old character house I work out of has several steps to get up onto the porch, however, there is an outdoor, key-operated wheelchair lift in the front of the building.

The entry is through a standard door and the main floor corridor leads straight to my office, which has a 28-inch door (slightly narrower than standard).

The bathroom is wheelchair accessible and has a grab bar on the wall beside the toilet. However, there is an old pedestal sink that may be difficult to use from a seated position.


I share my waiting room with a massage therapy practice that uses an essential oil diffuser. This can be turned off if I know you have an issue with scents, but the fragrance lingers. The bathroom also has essential oil diffuser sticks in it. I will do what I can to accommodate, but I may not be able to adequately control this part of the environment to meet the needs of those who have significant sensitivities.

1505 Fell Street #2,
Victoria, BC V8R 4V9
(778) 678-2293

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