Gender Transition

As gender diversity and fluidity become more widely understood and accepted, more options are becoming available and the accessibility of hormone replacement therapy and a wide array of surgeries is growing and changing rapidly. Having a therapist to talk to about all the pros and cons, the emotional ups and downs, physical changes, triumphs and disappointments can be a valuable support in both decision-making and living into your own ongoing development, whether you decide to physically transition in some way, or not.

I’m not a doctor, and I won’t advise you about which direction to take your gender transition, but I can provide a place for you to bring all the options and put them on the table. I can be someone who has no personal stake in the outcome, who can provide you with time and space to discern what is most likely to bring greater congruence and authenticity between who you know yourself to be on the inside, how you feel in your body, and how other people perceive you.

I don’t believe in a single trans narrative. I won’t try to fit you into a box and you don’t need to tell me the story you think I want to hear. Whether your gender is strongly binary or lives in the territories of both, and, or neither, I believe that you are the expert on your own journey. I have training in helping people explore their gender in depth, touching on multiple areas of life: relationships and identity from childhood all the way to future dreams and from the private corners of one’s inner world to the broader societal forces that shape us all. I value the process of awareness and discovery, living the questions thoroughly, not necessarily what answers that process brings. Those belong to you.

Currently, I am only writing hormone and surgical readiness assessments for my ongoing and returning clients. I support the rights of trans and non-binary individuals to their own self-determination, and I participate in regular consultation with other service providers who support trans clientele.

(If you are at the beginning of your gender exploration or in the process of coming out socially, you may find the identity exploration page to be of interest, too.)

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